Without a doubt  Bostons and Agility go hand in hand. 
Being a highly intelligent dog with an innate desire to love and be loved, it is an activity everyone who is owned by a  boston should consider undertaking with their dog. 

We found that obedience training was good to a certain point, but bostons quickly  become disinterested.  In fact when we had Katie in regular obedience classes we found she easily became bored and  started making  up her own version of responses to a command.  (very funny, but inappropriate)

Once we started agility we were amazed.  She was happy, excited, full of vim and vigour and absolutely obedient.  Just look at that grin!  Having fun and pleasing us seemed to go hand in hand. 

This is our personal experience, and I would encourage anyone, even those who don't have their dog responding to a full range of commands, to attend classes.  I think you'll be amazed at what these little black'n whites can do when they are enjoying themselves.  As I said, just look at that grin......




Up the A-Frame

Carefully down the A-Frame.  Fast is fine, but they cannot just leap off.  They must stay on the frame to a marker at the bottom


The Tunnel - notice the bend in it

The collapsed tunnel.(Chute)  The dogs push their way  blindly through the tunnel to exit


A pause for a smile at the camera!

The tressle - here again they must walk the
complete length   -   not leaving it before
 they reach the marker at the bottom of the 
down ramp      

 Weaving in and out of the poles with her headlights on  

More to come .......


In Victoria, B.C.  we highly recommend: evolutiongsd

Disabled people can now participate with their dogs 
in agility and flyball.  http://www.ultimatedog.org/

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