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"There is no greater tribute to a dog
than knowing you just cannot
live without one...."

"Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened."  Anatole France.


July 24, 1990 -



This is Baby on her 14th birthday.  She was born July 24, 1990.  Her
name is Champion Brandy's Million Dollar Baby.  Baby has a discoloration
of the eyes but sees quite well and hears everything she wants and is deaf in both ears
 when it doesn't interest her.  Baby is a champion and the mother of several champions.

Baby lives in Sunny Southern California where she walks almost every day.  She is strong and athletic and walks about four miles a day.

She is a favorite wherever she goes.  Baby loves people and people love Baby. (she is not fond of dogs).

Baby loves cookies, walks, warm buttered toast, watermelon and apples.  She is the perfect companion and always knows just where to be and what to do.

She is adored by Roy and Louise Pitts.

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Meet Leroy
Born May 5th 1984 - 2002


 This photo was taken three years ago when Leroy was 14. It is a Holiday
tradition to dress up in package ribbons. but since his eye problems, he has been hesitant to be   photographed.  He feels he doesn't look his best. 
Leroy has vision and hearing problems, but that doesn't interfere with the important things in his life like dinner, biscuits, licks and playing.  While he doesn't play as much, he gets plenty of exercise by navigating two homes each day, both are two stories.  He stays with his grandparents in the day,
and comes home each night with his mom.  

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Meet Sugar
 May 14th, 1987 - 16 Dec 2002

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Sugar  loved to play - greeting  all visitors with a kiss or two, then bringing  them a ball to throw.

At the end she didn't hear as well as she did, and her eyes were not as bright, but her heart was as full of love as any dog's could be. 

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Meet Blarney
Born Feb 26, 1987

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Blarney rules the house. The other dogs bow down to her highness when she speaks. She is blind in one eye and her other is not that great so she has to have a light on at night to see where she is going. She still has her hearing, especially when anyone says the word 'cookie'.
She has been a wonderful little companion to me for many years & I hope she stays with me for a lot more

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Sluggo B. Tufenuf
born 8-8-91, passed on 11-27-03




3 September, 1956 - 10 April, 1974
17 years 7 months

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Nipper II was the first Boston Terrier in my life.  My grandparents bought him 10 years before I was born.  I remember many people were afraid of him since he had a gruff personality (hey, he was an old dog).  He would sometimes get a little "nippy: towards others, but never, ever to me!

My dad always wanted me to be careful around him, but no matter what I did (and I was only 7 when he died, and you know kids) he was always gentle with me. 

He was definitely my grandfather's dog and I have many happy memories of the 3 of us going out for walks together.
- Colleen

28th Jan. 1967 - 10th March, 1982

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Slipper came into my life on my 7th birthday and died 2 days before
my 22nd birthday.  She was a very feisty and energetic Boston who loved to go
for bike 

rides..except that she didn't ride on the bike...she ran watchdog that always watched over my brothers and me as we swam in the pool.... barking fiercely if we stayed underwater too long.  - Nancy

September 1, 1986 - October 23, 2001

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Named Redsox because of his red feet when he was born.

Though he didn't excel in the showring he did excel in athletics... swimming, diving, ball chasing, fetching, etc. 

His favourite pastimes included eating ice cream and opening his Christmas presents and was  the bravest of the clan about going outside in inclement weather.

He had a very full and wonderful life and is very sadly missed by Rick and myself and all of his canine and equine brothers and sisters (Slipper, Rocky, Tootsie, Zachary, Theo, Bleu and Penny)


15th May, 1985 - 27th March, 2001
15 years, 10 months 

. About two years ago Roots was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  He did well on the medication and seemed to be  feeling a lot better until March when he succumbed to  liver cancer.

We still feel Root's prescence in the 

house and I feel he is  with me all the time. I actually think that a part of him is living in our new 4 month old pup named Shadow.

Because I couldn't stand to put him in the ground, we had him cremated and he sits on our entertainment center.  Root goes where we go, even if it is working in the yard or on vacation.

He is still in our hearts, and always will be.... Trish and Kent


February 16th, 1986 - August 2001

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The photo shows Harrison just 8 days before his 15th birthday - he was our longest lived Boston!  Harry  "kicked and struggled his way through life", and was
"wound up so tight" he was always ready to explode with energy.  He was  very accident prone as you might guess!  He  survived emergency surgery after eating a bunch of stones at 13 yrs. old, a heart attack at about 5 years ago (my husband did CPR and brought him back), sniffing a blade of grass up into his sinuses that had to be removed surgically after sneezing for a couple of days, and quite a few other close calls as well.  He  really was  a wild man!  He knew what was going on and never  "lost his mind" at all.  He  moved a little slower in the last months and really couldn't  hear, but still had eyesight left and could basically tell what was going on and who was doing what.

He will be greatly missed

Thankyou Harrison for being part of our lives..  


Duke  and Duchess 1987 - 2002


 Duke and Duchess of Fulton, Illinois and Clinton, Iowa  passed on at almost 15 years of age

Duke and Duchess will be greatly missed by all who were ever licked by them.


sister 1988 to 2003 )

"my beloved boston (sister)  
She was  the best thing that every came into our lives we loved her so much that I have 4 bostons at this time

We miss her so much"  




And a Tribute to our Beloved Gidget

Gidget - our Puppy Mill gal introduced us to the wonderful world of Bostons.  She brought untold happiness and laughter into our lives, and was the inspiration for  the initial web site. 

Our little gal Gidget left a legacy of fun and laughter by way of the website for thousands of people to enjoy.  If only we could all be remembered with such gratitude.. 




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